3D printing as a hobby has taken off. 3D printing as a commercial venture is only just getting started, many are not familiar with the growing commercial ecosystem of 3D printing.

333D is still finding it’s niche and commercialising the potential of this sector. Much of the sector has focussed…

Part of a series on small cap stocks.

This stock caught my eye after a price spike. Turns out this stock has a lot of potential and has signs of being missed.

Memphasys is developing and commercialising innovative separation techniques using the Company’s proprietary membrane technology to bio-separate sperm for…

Can’t afford a Bloomberg terminal?
Do you think in code and struggle to make sense of gui driven trader tools?
Want better control of your stock selectors, ability to custom analyse stocks, commodities and currency pairs?

Need to design your own stock alerts to snag that latest stonk or want…

COVID-19 Military preparation.

Taking a deviation from my original blog intent, and looking at data to understand and hopefully predict where the current Corona Virus events will progress to.

There’s a lot of hidden markers that are not public knowledge and escape the attention of analysts. …


Machine Learning, data analysis and Artificial Intelligence developer.

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